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Actually, there isn't anything tough at Wixade for which you may need any help. Using Wixade is easy, however, if you have any problem in using any of the Wixade features then here is help for you.

How can I use Wixade?
Using Wixade is easy - probably easier than any of the easiest websites. There is nothing extra you need to know. If you are a basic internet user, you can use Wixade. Check the website and try to use some features offered by Wixade, you'll probably not have any problem.

How much should I pay to use Wixade?
Wixade is completely free. Wixade doesn't charge even a penny for any of the services it offers. You can even use complete features without registering for membership.

What are topics?
Topics are subject on which you want to do further research. Each topic submitted will be reviewed by our editors and you'll be recommended with free online resources for further reading on your topic.

How do I submit a topic?
Submitting topic is easy. Above all pages at Wixade, you can see a "Submit Your Topic" link. After you click on that link, a form will appear. Simply fill that form to submit your topic.

Is registration required for submitted a topic?
No, registration isn't required to submit any topic. Even though you are not a member at Wixade, you can submit a topic.

Will my topic be included?
Well, Wixade doesn't guarantee the inclusion of all the topics submitted. Our editors will review your topic and decide whether to include your topic or not.

Why should I submit a topic?
You should submit a topic to generate a page on your topic. The page will include free information and resources on topic you submit. Other people like you will benefit from topic you submit by having an immediate access to resources related to your topic.

What is average time for topic inclusion?
After you submit your topic, it should appear within 5-10 minutes. Sometimes your topic may even appear immediately depending on number of topics received any moment.

How do I delete my topic?
Currently, you cannot delete any topic you submitted after its inclusion at Wixade. However, this feature may be included in near feature.

Why isn't there any resource included in my topic?
There may be several reasons, but most common reason may be - there is no any resource available for your topic at the moment. However, in such case, resource is added as soon as they are avaliable.

Why doesn't a website display properly?
It may be because of your browser. Wixade recommends Internet Explorer above 7.0 and Firefox 3.0 or above to use Wixade services.

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