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  1. Ovi Store
    Description. Two mobiles. One game. Play ball. Challenge your friend in a fast-paced duel. Bounce a ball back and forth between two devices by drawing collision lines into the ...
  2. Ovi by Nokia - Mobile maps, mobile games, apps and more!
    Stay up to date and connected on Ovi. Sync and back up your contacts and calendar, share your photos, videos and files with friends; discover new places on maps, download music ...
  3. Ovi (Nokia) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Nokia offers a 70% revenue share of gross sales, net of refunds and returns, less applicable taxes and, where applicable, fixed operator billing costs. Ovi Store replaces the older ...
  4. Ovi store unveiled | Nokia Conversations - The official Nokia Blog
    BARCELONA, Spain - Nokia today unveiled details of Ovi Store which is set to go live to consumers in May this year. Offering a range of content including
  5. Nokia Ovi Store Launch Is A Complete Disaster
    This was supposed to be a glorious day for mobile phone giant Nokia. The Finnish company got out-innovated by Apple a couple of years ago with the introduction and subsequent ...
  6. Ovi Store
    Privacy Policy WE CARE ABOUT YOUR PRIVACY. Nokia is committed to protecting your privacy and to comply with applicable data protection and privacy laws.
  7. Ovi Store
    Please check back as new Nokia devices are being added frequently.
  8. Ovi Store by Nokia - Mobile applications, games, videos, tones ...
    Ovi Store. Your Content. Their Devices. Reach millions of Nokia users via a global marketplace for mobile applications, games, video, personalization content and more.
  9. Nokia Unveils Ovi Store, Application Sales To Debut In May
    At the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona, Nokia has unveiled its initiative to try and repeat the runaway succes of Apple's App Store with its own mobile storefront dubbed Ovi ...
  10. Welcome to
    Ovi Applications Promotions. Find out all the promotions of OVI Store applications, Ovi Store Apps help you to start enjoying the world of Ovi today!
Blog Posts for Ovi Store
  1. Ovi Store has 2.7 Million Daily Downloads
    by LK
    Nokia Phones
    Nokia Ovi Store is actually growing. Recently the site has published interesting statistics on Ovi Store. According to the Oct. 28, daily about 2.7 million downloads are carried out in the store. ...
  2. Ovi Store Game Review: Memory Tester Touch |
    by Stephen E
    Not all Ovi Store games were developed to be played in a slouch. Memory Tester Touch is a memory game to test even the most powerfully-minded Nokia gamers.
  3. Can The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Access Ovi Store ? - Nokia - 5800 ...
    by 3g Mobile
    3G Pie
    Feed for this Entry Leave a comment. Taiwo Nov 11th, 2010 @ 01:23 | #1. Reply Quote. Yes it can. Jun Jun Nov 11th, 2010 @ 04:59 | #2. Reply Quote. Yes it can acces Ovi store. Scother Sutter Nov 11th, 2010 @ 09:07 | #3. Reply Quote ...
  4. Nokia Z500 MeeGo tablet leaked on Ovi Store? -- Engadget
    by Thomas Ricker
    A Nokia tablet running MeeGo has been churning through the rumor mills since early summer. Speculation, however, began as soon as Nokia and Intel joi.
  5. Ovi Store App: Mirror Mobile Review |
    by Phil B
    We've seen lots of news apps for Nokia devices, the latest being Mirror Mobile from the Ovi Store. Based around the Daily Mirror newspaper, but bringing all the.
  6. Nokia Ovi vs Apple App Store | Ultimate Application
    by Admin
    Ultimate Application
    Nokia, on the leagues of Apple announced its Ovi Store at the Mobile World Congress this year. The N97 will be the first phone integrated into the service, with the remaining phones following. The Ovi Store fuses Nokia’s existing ...
  7. WordPress For Nokia Live Upon Ovi Store | The Blog Herald
    by Darnell Clayton
    The Blog Herald
    Continuing their quest for mobile domination, Automattic (the company behind WordPress) has announced that Nokia lovers can now download the official WordPress app from the Ovi store. Headsup to all our new WordPress for Nokia users: ...
  8. Ovi Music completing switch to DRM free |
    by Admin
    One οf the benefits οf using the Ovi tab system іѕ that credit card details can bе shared between Ovi air force. this means that, іf уου hаνе used уουr credit card for purchasing Ovi Store mаkе рlеаѕеd, уου wіll not hаνе tο enter іt ...
    by Indiaonline
    She Told Me - Published news
    Click here to visit indiaonline's website. indiaonline published an article titled Nokia Ovi Store Statistics Nokia Ovi Store on 11/6/2010 at with the tag nokia.
  10. Nokia Ovi Store Statistics
    by Anysolution
    latest price india
    From Forum Nokia just put online an interesting place to gather different statistics of the Store Ovi application store for the October 28, 2010. And it is worth exploring the information divided into 3 areas: statistics, ...
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