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  1. New York Post - New York News | Gossip | Sports | Entertainment ...
    Breaking News, Headline News, Sports and Celebrity News
  2. New York Post - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The New York Post is an American daily newspaper, primarily distributed in New York City and it's surrounding area. It is the 13th-oldest and seventh-most-widely ...
  3. Sports News | New York Sports | New Jersey Sports -
    New York Post Sports page. Get the latest sports news, scores, columns, and more.
  4. Photographer who took dramatic photos recounts the horror he saw ...
    NEW YORK POST is a registered trademark of NYP Holdings, Inc.,, and are trademarks of NYP Holdings, Inc.
  5. Photo of Man's Imminent Demise Covers Front Page of the New York ...
    A freelance photographer working for the New York Post on an unrelated assignment happened to be standing on the 49th Street station platform when 58-year-old Queens ...
  6. New York Post Cover Shows Ki Suk Han, Man Run Over By Subway Train ...
    The cover of Tuesday's New York Post — which shows a man moments before he was fatally struck by a subway train —is sparking outrage from readers. Han ...
  7. New York Post - New York, NY - Media/News/Publishing | Facebook
    New York Post, New York, NY. 64,006 likes · 3,281 talking about this · 1,340 were here.
  8. Should NY Post have printed photo of man about to die?
    9:08PM EST December 4. 2012 - NEW YORK — The New York Post, a gritty tabloid known for highlighting the wrongs of others, received harsh criticism ...
  9. Daily News America - Breaking national news, video, and photos ...
    Throughout the last century, New York City has seen its fair share of catastrophes. Kate Middleton pregnancy sparks frenzy of baby name bets.
  10. Train Wreck: The New York Post's Subway Cover -
    That’s what R. Umar Abbasi, a freelance photographer for The New York Post, said of the fatal subway incident on Monday that he caught with his camera ...
Blog Posts for New York Post
  1. Train Wreck: The New York Posts Subway Cover -
    by By DAVID CARR
    Media Decoder
    Every once in a while a journalism ethics question actually engages the public, and so it was with the brutally documented death of Ki-Suck Han.
  2. New York Post faces backlash over front-page photo of man about ...
    by Jeff Sonderman
    The front page of todays New York Post shows 58-year-old Ki Suk Han pushed onto a subway track, “about to die.” The cover photo was shot by a Post freelance photographer who happened to be on the platform at the time.
  3. NY Post photog: Every time I close my eyes, I see the image of ...
    by Julie Moos
    The freelance photographer who took the pictures, R. Umar Abbasi, defended his actions in an interview. “Im being unfairly beaten up in the press,” he said at his apartment in Greenwich Village on Tuesday, before leading a ...
  4. Should The New York Posts Subway Photo Have Been Published ...
    City Room
    The cover of The New York Post shows a vivid image of a man just before he was struck by a subway train. City Room asks: Should it have been published?
  5. Criticism of N.Y. Post, Photographer Rages On | Adweek
    by Emma Bazilian
    AdWeek : All News
    The tragic death of the man pushed onto subway tracks in Manhattan on Monday spawned a nationwide debate on journalistic ethics thanks to the New York Posts decision to run a front-page photo of the victim, taken ...
  6. New York Post sensationalizes photo of man killed by subway train ...
    by Unknown
    News: Digital Photography Review (
    Maybe DPreview is the company sensationalizing the photo, not the NY Post. After all the word sensationalize is a subjective and not something quantifiable. The NY Post headline is accurate -- the man is in fact about to die.
  7. Irby: Blame NY Post editors, not photographer, for subway death ...
    by Julie Moos
    The moment just before death is a delicate fraction of a second and the NY Post print edition and cover screen image lacks compassion for the victim, his family, his friends and the Posts audience. In a few words it is ...
  8. Video: Outrage over NY Post pic depicting subway victim « Hot Air
    by Ed Morrissey
    Hot Air » Top Picks
    The picture has become iconic in just a short period of time — but of what? Did the New York Posts front page this week depict man confronting inevitable death, or soulless media exploiting personal tragedy for sales?
  9. New York Post “controversy” is why dino-journalists piss me off ...
    by Bryan Goldberg
    I was further disgusted by the New York Posts cover story and photograph of the tragedy. But what pushed my fury into oblivion — and made me feel sick to my stomach — was the reaction that came to pass a few hours later ...
  10. Why we are outraged: the New York Post photo controversy | OUPblog
    by AlanaP
    By Barbie Zelizer A New York Post photographer snaps a picture of a man as he is pushed to his death in front of a New York City subway. An anonymous blogger photographs a dying American ambassador as he is carried ...
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