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Web References for Chinese Actors
  1. Category:Chinese actors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This category lists actors and actresses of the stage, cinema or television who are Chinese, i.e. born or mostly active in the People's Republic of China (including ...
  2. Chinese Hot Actresses Photos
    jap girls making love deep long and hard asian porn tube
  3. List of Chinese actors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The following is a list of notable Chinese-speaking/writing actors. Bobo Chan Ellen Chan Flora Chan Kelly Chan Jackie Chan Nadia Chan Sunny Chan Angela Chang Brandon ...
  4. Chinese actors & actresses - Listal - List the stuff you love ...
    A list of Chinese actors & actresses - tagged with chinese ... © 2012
  5. Chinese Hong Kong TVB Actor Profile
    Ruco Chan or Chan Ching Pang is not a new actor in Hong Kong. He had been in TVB since 1996 but only appeared in small roles. Then he left TVB to sign a contract with ...
  6. List of Chinese Actresses -
    Find all Chinese Actresses ... Asian Movies and TV Series Reviews, Photos and News
  7. Chinese Hot Actresses Photos: Chinese Hot Actress
    Pretty Hot Sexy Cool Chinese Actresses. Hot scene in A Chinese Ghost Story 3. Posted by Juned ahmed Siddiqi at 04:52
  8. List of Chinese Actors -
    Find all Chinese Actors ... Asian Movies and TV Series Reviews, Photos and News
  9. Famous Chinese Actors and Actresses in America - Yahoo! Voices ...
    After seeing that America has change for the better since you now see some Chinese actors and actresses that are becoming famous here in America, it was a long road ...
  10. Hot Chinese Actresses List, with Photos - Top 10 Lists & Much More ...
    A full list of the hottest Chinese actresses of all time with photos included. Not all of these actresses were born in China, but they are all of Chinese descent.
Blog Posts for Chinese Actors
  1. “Choosing the best actor for the role” can cast a theatre into hot water.
    by Andy Mckim
    Theatre Passe Muraille
    The Chinese acting community feels particularly aggrieved because the RSC has been so successful lately producing “Dorans all-black Julius Caesar – for which the company struggled to recruit enough black actors – and ...
  2. Disaggregating Chinese actors in Africa | East Asia Forum
    by Greg Mills
    East Asia Forum
    Authors: Greg Mills and Terence McNamee, Brenthurst Foundation Most discussions on Africa 15 years ago would have focused on topics regarded today as no longer.
  3. James Cameron considering using Chinese actors for Avatar 2 and ...
    by Liam Goodwin
    China is a booming film market, but with the government restricting the number of foreign movies allowed in each year to around 34 there is a lot of competition and a lot of hoops studios have to jump through to.
  4. RSC under fire over lack of Asian actors in Chinese play - News ...
    by Alistair Smith
    The Stage / News Headlines
    Casting for the Royal Shakespeare Companys forthcoming production of The Orphan of Zhao has been criticised because of a lack of east Asian heritage actors in the play.
  5. The Orphan Of Zhao Controversy: East Asian Actors Demand ...
    by The Huffington Post News Editors
    The Huffington Post | Full News Feed
    Chinese-American actor BD Wong is well-known for his roles both on the small and big screens (<em>Law & Order: Special Victims Unit</em>, <em>Jurassic Park</em>, etc.). He received the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against ...
  6. Iron Man 3′: The Mandarin is Not Chinese — Why Ben Kingsley ...
    by Frank DiGiacomo
    AND Ben Kingsley is a very good actor. At first I was upset that they did choose a traditional Chinese, (Or half) actor, but after looking into it a bit more, it looks like Marvel Studios put some thought into who they would select.
  7. Iron Man 3 Expected to Go Ahead as American-Chinese Co ...
    by Clarence Tsui
    While calls for harmony dominated the first panel, sparks briefly flew at the next session which focused on U.S. and Chinese actors working in the other country. After agent David Unger offered glowing praise of Gong Li ...
  8. this again: where the heck are all the chinese people in the royal ...
    by Angry Asian Man
    angry asian man
    Its the first ever Chinese play adapted by the RSC. Too bad that out of 17 roles in this play, only three of the parts have gone to actors of East Asian heritage -- two dogs and a maid. A classic Chinese play (sometimes referred ...
  9. Than Just a Pretty Face: Actor Daniel - Mochi Magazine
    by Tiffany Hu
    Mochi Magazine
    Half-Korean, Half-Irish actor Daniel Henney remains humble despite his fame--and admits that he enjoys doing romantic comedies.
  10. Chinese Actors Play Muscle Role in Construction Gig
    by Jonathan Landreth
    Roughly 200 out of work Chinese movie actors recently took day jobs as protection for a construction crew building a new subway line in a capital suburb, local media reported on Wednesday.
Latest News for Chinese Actors
  1. Wrath of Khan: Netflix show Polo-rises Mongolians
    The big-budget American series "Marco Polo", on the 13th-century Venetian explorer and his years at the court of the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan, is riddled with historical errors, say Mongolian viewers and experts. US movie distributor Netflix has spent tens of millions of dollars on the show, touted as its answer to HBO's huge hit Game of Thrones. With swashbuckling swordfights, mass battles ...
  2. Netflix Marco Polo Series 'Riddled With Historical Errors'
    According to Mongolian historians, much of the series' plot plays fast and loose with the facts.
  3. Andy Lau returns to CCTV's Spring Gala Festival
    The Hong Kong star will be performing again at the Spring Gala after ten years
  4. British actor Jamie Dornan named most handsomeface of 2014-Eastday
    British actor Jamie Dornan was named the worlds' most handsome face by TC Candler. (Xinhua File Photo) American film rating site TC Candler recently released the Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2014. British actor Jamie Dornan, who stars in the upcoming film Fifty Shades of Grey, topped the list.
  5. Newspaper backfires after snapping photo of singer in mortuary
    A Chinese newspaper was accused of taking photos of a popular singer, after she died from breast cancer at a hospital in Beijing on Friday afternoon. Three reporters with the newspaper, identified as Shenzhen Evening News, allegedly slipped into the mortuary disguised as medical workers. They took photos of the dead singer, Yao Beina, without the permission of Yao's family, according to the ...
  6. British actor Jamie Dornan named most handsomeface of 2014
    American film rating site TC Candler recently released the Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2014. British actor Jamie Dornan, who stars in the upcoming film Fifty Shades of Grey, topped the list.
  7. Chinese Actor Feilong Ji's Video Released at Time Square
    NEW YORK, LAS VEGAS and LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The popular Chinese actor Feilong Ji has been in the U.S. on a one-month long cross-cultural communications trip since earlier this month. U.S. entertainment executives have accompanied Feilong Ji throughout the entire journey which stopped in Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York. In recognition of Mr. Ji's noble artistic ...
  8. Director Peter Jackson brings last 'Hobbit' film to China
    BEIJING (AP) — Director Peter Jackson attended a red-carpet premiere of the final "Hobbit" film in Beijing on Tuesday, saying that he has been having a hard time getting used to the nickname "Peter the Great" affectionately given to him by Chinese fans.
  9. Qatar sign Spain handball fans to cheer in championship
    For a special boost at the world handball championship starting Thursday, hosts Qatar have flown in the noisiest fans they can find to cheer them -- all the way from Spain. About 60 Spaniards have flown to the Gulf state for matches including a tie with Spain where they will be obliged to cheer against their native side, the defending world champions. The travelling fans are guests of the Qatar ...
  10. Chris Hemsworth's New Hacker Movie 'Blackhat' Bombs At The Box Office
    It looks like we have our first box-office bomb...
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Some of my favorite Chinese actors. Background music list: 空蝉之恋,...
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Actors:Wallace Chung - Julian Cheung Jiaoen Jun - Wu Jing Qiao Zhenyu - Zha...
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my all time favorite chinese actors....
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