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Bombay Bomb Blast(3151 views)
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  1. Bombay Bomb Blast, Communal Violence And Secular India
    Iraq. Communalism. US Imperialism . Peak Oil . Globalisation. WSF In India. Humanrights. Economy. India-pak. Kashmir. Palestine. Environment
    21.04.93 *t05 Bomb blast in Bombay [English] THE MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS (SHRI S.B. CHAVAN):The investigation by the Bombay Police in regard to bomb explosions in Bombay on ...
  3. 1993 Bombay bombings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The 1993 Bombay bombings were a series of thirteen bomb explosions that took place in Bombay (now Mumbai), India on March 12, 1993. The coordinated attacks were the most ...
  4. 1993: Bombay hit by devastating bombs
    The first bomb went off at 1325 local time at the Bombay Stock Exchange. The blast occurred in the basement garage. It blew up more than 30 cars and shattered windows.
  5. Bombays Sept. 11 - TIME
    Between 1:28 and 3:35 p.m. on March 12, 1993, a group of terrorists and gangsters trained in Pakistani camps detonated 10 bombs across Bombay.,9171,501030217-421074,00.html
  6. BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Fear after Bombay train blast
    Security is tightened in Indias commercial capital Bombay after 11 people are killed in a bomb blast on a commuter train.
  7. India and Pakistan | Bomb-blast diplomacy |
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  8. Evidence/material provided to Pakistan
    ... over an Aide Memoir to the Pakistan Foreign Office seeking extradition/deportation of 24 Indian nationals accused of being involved in the Bombay bomb blast case.
  9. / 03 Bombay Blast 7-11
    Bombay Blast 7/11 A father carrying the dead body of his only son died in the Bomb Blast at Bombay Railway Station. Bombay Blast 7-11.html
  10. Bombay blasts killed at least 50 people
    Bomb blast victims are treated in a Bombay hospital, August 25, 2003. Two car bombs killed at least 50 people and injured 150, 40 of them critically wounded in Indias ...
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  1. Dayanand Pandey in custody of Mumbai ATS « My Blog
    My Blog
    Dayanand Pandey, the key accused in Malegaon bbomb blast/b probe, has been remanded to the custody of Mumbai ATS till December 1. The MCOCA Court admitted the plea of ATS for the custody of Pandey, after they produced some evidences b.../b
  2. Bhopale Blog: Affidavit Of Sadhwi Pragyan Chandrapal Singh Thakur
    I further say that in spite of my answers, Mr. Sawant repeatedly asked me how the vehicle reached Malegaon and how it came to be involved in the bbomb blast/b on 29.9.2008. I repeatedly replied that I could not answer his questions as I b.../b
  3. Communalism Watch: Malegaon investigation under attack from b.../b
    by C-info
    Communalism Watch
    Meanwhile, on November 20, the Shiv Sena filed a writ against the ATS in the bBombay/b High Court, terming it as biased and asking that the Malegaon bblast/b case be transferred to the state CID. For the ATS, if investigating the bbomb blast/b b.../b
  4. Sadhwi Pragya’s Affidavit
    by Arisebharat
    Arise Bharat#39;s Weblog
    Never the less all these investigative tests have only established my innocence in the Malegaon bbomb blast/b that took place on 29.9.2008. I finally was allowed to meet my sister Mrs Parthibha Bhagwan Jha on the evening of 02.11.2008, b.../b
  5. Sadhvi#39;s allegations and Advani#39;s response
    by B.R.P.Bhaskar
    Sawant repeatedly asked me how the vehicle reached Malegaon and how it came to be involved in the bbomb blast/b on 29.9.2008. I repeatedly replied that I could not answer his questions as I had no control of the vehicle since October, b.../b
  6. Firing in Mumbai - again - CrazyEngineers Forum
    CrazyEngineers Forum
    We had started a discussion on bbomb/b detection robots some time ago. They have started using AK Assault Rifles. First lets analyze the situation 1) The places where the terrorists have opened fire are crowded and have a number of hiding b.../b
  7. Stop ATS terrorism: Sadhvi demands judicial enquiry « Janamejayan b.../b
    by Janamejayan
    Janamejayan's Weblog
    In particular I have no connection with theMalegaon bbomb blast/b of 29.9.2008. While my former ownership of LML Freedom 2 wheeler, which was allegedly used in the Malegaon bbomb blast/b entitled the ATS to interrogate me, that agency was not b.../b
  8. 24 Hrs Latest News Update: Beauty with attitude
    24 Hrs Latest News Update
    He is a great person and we had fun shooting in Malaysia, Delhi and bBombay/b. I feel that in actual life one’s persona is quite different than what is portrayed about him or her on screen. So is the case with him. b.../b
  9. Army officer arrested over Malegaon bbomb blast/b - Talk n Cafe: For b.../b
    Talk n Cafe Headlines
    An army officer has been arrested in connection with Malegaon and Modasa bbomb blasts/b in September that killed five people. Officers from the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in Mumbai questioned Lieutenant-Colonel Srikant Prasad Purohit, b.../b
  10. delhi bbomb blast/b “bad”
    by Ganesh
    Gany#39;s Home
    before this bbomb blast/b they said it is an operation which has an sign of “back” indicating bbombay/b,ahmedabad,chennai,kolkatta. now after this incident they have renamed it to “bad”. i want to know that how can they say that this will b.../b
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