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Best Movies 2008(39371 views)
Added On: Thu, 25, Sep, 2008 06:46:59
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  1. Best Movies 2008
    Best Movies 2008 - Best Movies 2008 ... The Toronto International Film Festival has come to a close. The last few days of travel were rather hellish, and I found myself unable to ...
  2. Best Movies 2008 : Best Movies 2008
    Best Movies 2008 - Best Movies 2008 ... John Landis on Point Blank. The Pitch: John Landis gives a commentary on the trailer for John Boorman’s Point Blank in Trailers From Hell.
  3. 2008 Movies: Best Movie Bets of '08 - Moviefone
    Take a look ahead at the biggest and best movies of 2008. ... 38 Flicks We're Psyched to See. Ready for another big year at the movies? There's a swarm of blockbusters on the way ...
  4. Best movies 2008
    Browse 2008' movie subtitles database. Download subtitles for your favorite movies. ... Best movies 2008 Most popular movies in 2008 for our users Also check Best Movies 2008 on ...
  5. Best Movies of 2008
    See who turned down roles in the best movies of 2008 ... Click below to see which actors turned down roles in the best movies of 2008.
  6. The Best Movies of the Year ... So Far - Inside Movies Blog
    Our Top 20 Picks Halfway Through '08. Why wait until December to start stacking the year's movies against each other? At the halfway point of '08, we've seen highly anticipated ...
  7. Best Movies Of 2008 (1st Quarter Report) | The Movie Blog
    Man 2008 is flying by. With April 1st hitting us, we've officially arrived at the beginning of the second quarter of the year already. 2008 appeared to be a
  8. Seekler - Anticipated Movies of 2008
    Find out which movies will be worth seeing in the theaters in 2008. Related Lists: <a href="">Best Movies</a> | <a href=" ... Movies of 2008
  9. 2008 Best Actor Oscar Nominees
    2008 Best Actor Oscar Nominees ... 2008 Best Actor Oscar Nominees" "2008 Best Actor Oscars Coverage" "2008 Oscars" - Live 24 Feb 2008 - 5PM PST
  10. Best Movies of 2008
    Best movies 2008 ... The following list averages the opinions of my favorite critics plus mine.
Blog Posts for Best Movies 2008
  1. Best Movie Presidents: Who'd Get Your Vote?
    by Moviefone Staff
    Inside Movies Blog
    As the national debate rages over who will make the better president, John McCain or Barack Obama, we invite you to answer a question <i>almost</i> as pertinent: Which movie president would make the best real-life commander-in-chief? ...
  2. Directors name Godfather best movie
    by Barry
    top ten
    Directors name Godfather best movie Swindon Advertiser, UK - 18 hours ago Raging Bull came second, one of two Martin Scorsese films starring Robert De Niro in the top ten. Taxi Driver, the 1976 movie also featuring Jodie Foster,
  3. Brett Ratner Wants Storm and Joker Movies So Bad
    I Watch Stuff - The Best Movie News Ever
    Brett Ratner, the man who directed X-Men 3 and is currently pleading with Activision to make a Guitar Hero film, has some bang-up new ideas for superhero movies. In short, he thinks they should be diluted with more spin-offs, ...
  4. 'Bride Wars' Trailer: Like 'Star Wars' but with Brides, and Painful
    I Watch Stuff - The Best Movie News Ever
    Well, would you look what Candice Bergen dragged in: the new trailer for Bride Wars, the only film daring enough to ask, "What would happen if two best friends accidentally scheduled their weddings for the same day?" and answer it with, ...
  5. Box Office Power Rankings: September 19-21, 2008
    Culture Snob
    Consider that it was second-best-reviewed movie in the top 10 (behind only The Dark Knight), and that audiences liked it, too. Yahoo! users rated it B+ (compared to grades of B and B- for the other three big releases), while users of ...
  6. Be Kind Rewind (The Best Movie)
    Be Kind Rewind is a 2008 American comedy film from New Line Cinema, directed by Michel Gondry and starring Jack Black, Mos Def, Danny Glover and Mia Farrow. The film first appeared on January 20, 2008 at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. ...
  7. Angelina Jolie's Giant Head Promotes 'Changeling' in France
    I Watch Stuff - The Best Movie News Ever
    Somewhere, there's a vorarephilic kid getting so turned on right now. Changeling Poster [IMPA]
  8. Movie Review of Strength and Honor
    by Bestofhdfest
    Best of HDFEST- Movie Reviews, Blu-Ray, Film Music, Online Video, High-Definition Film and HD Animation
    Release date: 2007 (Ireland), NYIIFVF Premiere September 21, 2008 (USA) Genre: Drama, Foreign and Action. The tagline on this tough yet tender Irish movie is “the battle of good versus evil.” This is a story of a single father, ...
  9. 'Watchmen' Legal Update: Dressing Up as a Comic Book Character ...
    I Watch Stuff - The Best Movie News Ever
    Hey, everyone who's concerned Warner Bros. may be forced to delay Watchmen due to the ongoing rights battle with Fox, you can stop worrying. Everything is cool. There's a man dressed as Rorschach standing outside Fox studios holding a ...
  10. 2008 Emmy Award Winners, Plus Best Dressed
    by Cara
    Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog
    Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special: “Recount” Jay Roach. • Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special: “John Adams” Kirk Ellis. List of winners in the creative arts categories of the 60th annual Primetime ...
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