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Here are best online resources for Babysitting. These resources can be used for your further research on this topic. You can find the best and worthy information on Babysitting here. These are the best recommendations on Babysitting by our editors and users.
Web References for Babysitting
  1. Babysitting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Babysitting is the practice of temporarily caring for a child on behalf of the childs parents. Babysitting is most commonly performed as an odd job by teenagers for extra money ...
  2. Babysitting Basics
    If youre new to the babysitting game, check out our guide to learn how to be the best babysitter around. Been babysitting forever and think you have it down? Read our guide anyway ...
  3. American Red Cross - Page not found
    The American Red Cross helps prepare communities for emergencies and keep people safe every day thanks to caring people who support our work. Please support your local Red Cross.
  4. Babysitting Mania on Yahoo! Games
    Babysitting Mania at Yahoo! Games. Read user reviews and play Babysitting Mania as well as dozens of other new and classic downloadable games.
  5. Babysitting Tips
    A few babysitting tips to remember: be able to contact parents or some other responsible party quickly. Cleaning up after yourself will go a long way to get you a second gig at the ...
  6. Babysitting Jobs | Jobster
    Job search for babysitting jobs at Jobster. Meet your future employer with Jobster.
  7. Babysitting Games, Babysitting Ideas, Babysitting Tips and Advice
    Babysitting forums is a place for babysitters to ask questions and exchange tips about the babysitting business.
  8. Babysitting Mania Game | Babysitting Games
    Play Babysitting Mania Game at Fenomen Games. Babysitting Mania and more Babysitting Games are available.
  9. training - Get the information you need to handle ... on-line training - Get the information you need to handle the challenges of babysitting. Highly beneficial course inculcates safety and responsibility in a ...
  10. The Youth Online Club - Babysitting Handbook
    The Youth Online Club - Babysitting Handbook - Meeting all babysitter needs.
Blog Posts for Babysitting
  1. Gossip Roundup: Octo-Grandma Tired of Babysitting, Suggests Adoption
    by Ryan Tate
    Tough love Nadya Suleman's mom denied her babysitting services Christian Bale's tantrums get one celebrity hot and Mr T has. grandma-tired-of-babysitting-suggests-adoption
  2. Babysitting at the Y.
    by Megs042107
    Babies: 0 - 6 Months
    My friends use their babysitting service and it is one of the only gyms here that will take babies as young as 6 weeks. I figure if I feed and change her diaper before they will not have to do much with her. So, yes I think it is worth ...
  3. Surviving Ophelia: adventures in babysitting
    by Miller Wild Callen
    Surviving Ophelia
    Thin, blonde, blue-eyed, energetic and very Polish, she set the bar for babysitters very high from day one. Aside from my sweet fourteen year-old cousin who always leaves the house cleaner than she found it when she babysits, ...
  4. heartrelease: babysitting
    by Heartrelease
    keep your eyes locked on mine
    i am currently at melindas house, babysitting kaleb (who's as cute as ever) it's so relaxed and laid back here, i love it. it's like having my own apartment for a little while, and let me tell you, i deffinatley would not mind this AT ...
  5. Feriel's Journal - Killing time before babysitting...
    by Feriel_miranda
    Feriel's Journal
    Killing time before babysitting... Ho hum... sitting at my computer.. and for the beginning of March I'm bloody freezing!!! I'm rugged up and wishing the sun would come out again :( Its always the same; I just get used to the warm ...
  6. Bits of Wool: Our first time babysitting little Owen
    by Trudy
    Bits of Wool
    Our first time babysitting little Owen. Happy March everyone! I am so excited...we got to babysit our little grandson Owen tonight for the first time!! Kerri and Jake took Adam to Costco to do a little shopping, and left Owen and little ...
  7. Thank God for FRYdays: Babysitting times 4
    by GranJan
    Thank God for FRYdays
    A babysitting MARATHON! (the only kind of MARATHON I enjoy and the only kind I will EVER participate in! LOL!!!!!).We have so enjoyed all of them! Each one so unique and different! We get such a kick out of them--watching them grown and ...
  8. Everyday Mama Drama: Babysitting Monday
    by Amy
    Everyday Mama Drama
    Babysitting Monday. I stayed up too late last night, so I was tired and didn't get much done today. I think Kaitlynn's potty obsession is over with. She hasn't been asking to sit on the potty as often, isn't telling me when she needs to ...
  9. EVA amp; DANIEL: le babysitting
    by Eva Sutter
    le babysitting. Its cool that babysitting is a french word, too. I babysat for my cousins-once- removed this morning. Ethereal children. Posted by Eva Sutter at 2:55 PM. Labels: babysitting, cousin once removed, cousins babysitting for ...
  10. The Random Guys adventures in Babysitting. « More of the Random Guy
    by Jfwarren
    More of the Random Guy
    Now when I was a teenager following in the footstep of young girls saving up for that dress for the special high school dance, I did some babysitting for the local neighbourhood kids. Now looking back on this with the perspective of ...
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