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  1. Arts and Photography Books
    From architecture to artists, photography and painting to performing arts, discover the best new arts and photography books at
  2. Books
    About Books at is committed to providing the best online shopping experience for books throughout Canada. Find your next great read at ...
  3. Religion & Spirituality: Books
    Online shopping for Religion & Spirituality: Books at
  4. Year-End Deals in Books
    Shop holiday deals on books in fiction, nonfiction, children's books and more.
  5. Business & Investing: Books
    Online shopping for Business & Investing: Books at
  6. Best Books of the Month: Reviews and recommendations ...
    Best Books of the Month: Books Editors review and recommend new releases every month in fiction, nonfiction, children's books and more.
Blog Posts for Amazon Book
  1. Amazon Used E-Books - Business Insider
    by Dylan Love
    Amazon already has a long-standing secondhand market for physical books, so despite the weird concept of "owning" someones used ones and zeroes, this is actually quite possible with Amazons DRM. Users could ...
  2. Space Marine Book Returned To Amazon After Copyright Fight ...
    by Ian Chant
    While the book being available for purchase again at Amazon is good news, its not the whole story. We dont know how willing Games Workshop is to go to the mat defending their claim on the entire literary genre of space ...
  3. Inkling Habitat brings sleek digital book creation to the cloud. Will it ...
    by Devindra Hardawar
    Inklings CEO thinks he has the solution to Amazons "glorified $10 text files."
  4. Inkling Takes Dead Aim At Apple And Amazon With New Google ...
    by Rip Empson
    TechCrunch ยป Mobile
    eBooks accounted for 22 percent of all book spending in the second quarter of 2012, up 11 percent from the same period in 2011. No one is happier about this transition than Amazon, which became the single largest channel ...
  5. All your book reviews are just advertisements for Amazon, says ...
    by Dustin Kurtz
    Melville House Books
    Amazon was back in court this week, trying again to avoid paying state taxes. The crux of their argument: affiliate program members are advertisers for the company. It can be wearying keeping Amazons various legal battles ...
  6. Amazon To Set Up Secondhand Ebook Marketplace | TechCrunch
    by Victoria Ho
    The company has pointed out that Amazons patent, filed in 2009, employs a different technique of reselling, where a copy of an Amazon book is downloaded to a new device as the old one is deleted from the original owners ...
  7. Trademark Bully Thwarted: Spots the Space Marine Back Online ...
    by Corynne Mcsherry
    After it received the complaint, Amazon promptly removed the book from its virtual shelves. When the author, M.C.A Hogarth, protested, Amazon initially refused to reinstate the book and instead politely suggested she resolve ...
  8. Amazon E-Books Is a Multi-Billion Dollar Business, Up 70 Percent ...
    by Tricia Duryee
    Whatever Kindle sales were in Q4, they could have been better had Amazon not sold out of its flagship e-reader.
  9. Amazon Local Deal: James Bond Books on Kindle ~ $1.99 Each!
    by Kati
    True Couponing
    Have you signed up for Amazon Local yet? Go HERE to create your FREE account now! Heres a current offer from Amazon Local: Free Voucher to Purchase Ian Flemings James Bond Kindle Books for $1.99 Go HERE for ...
  10. Amazon has e-book resale patent - AfterDawn
    by Unknown has been awarded a patent that covers a secondary market for used digital content.
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